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Time for smarter heating

Replace your old thermostat with the tado° Smart Thermostat and experience a new level of comfort and control while saving energy and money.

The tado° Smart Thermostat uses your phone’s location to control your heating, ensuring no energy is wasted.

Personalised savings for your home

Using what we know about your home and your energy consumption, along with some clever analysis, we can estimate just how much you could save.

See your personalised saving



Never heat an empty house. Based on your location tado° notifies you to turn down your heating when no one is at home.

Open Window Detection

tado° notices open windows and lets you turn off the heat effortlessly.

Air Comfort

tado° helps you achieve a healthier indoor climate with insights and specific advice, e.g. when and how long to open the windows, or if a room has a risk of developing mould.


Flexibility to place the Smart Thermostat anywhere in the house, in combination with an Extension Kit.

Weather Adaptation

tado° integrates up-to-date weather information to assist in reducing your energy bill whilst maintaining your comfort.

Hot Water Control

tado° can also control your hot water; set a schedule or let tado° manage it.

Your connected home

Make tado° part of you connected home. Use Siri, Google or Alexa to voice control your heating and create Applets with IFTTT to connect with other applications and smart devices.


tado° offers a variety of Skills to control your heating to improve your indoor air comfort and to save energy. To do so, the tado° app sends notifications and tips, for example when you are the last one leaving home, to turn the heating down.

If you would like to automate your heating system control via tado° completely, you can activate the Auto-Assist Skill in the mobile app for £2.99 a month.

The Igloo Energy Savings Guarantee

The Igloo Energy Savings Guarantee

At Igloo we want you to save money on your heating bills and with our Energy Savings Guarantee you can purchase with confidence. If you aren't convinced that you have saved, simply return the product to us to receive a full refund.*

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* Minimum of six months use. Kit to be returned within 12 months of date of purchase. Shipment of complete and undamaged products to Igloo. You will not be required to provide any additional documentation (bills) regarding energy consumption.